Tips to organise a stylish bachelorette party!

Tips to organise a stylish bachelorette party!

BachelorettesWhen you think of bachelorette parties, you’ll probably think of groups of women prowling around the streets carrying naughty gadgets, annoying passers-by with assignments, and wearing rabbits’ ears.

The internet is full of ideas for suggestive accessories and activities to cheer up bachelorette parties.

But not all bachelorettes like to be embarrassed in this way. So, if you want to save the bachelorette from blushing with shame, you can organise a more tasteful bachelorette party with the following ingredients: A mystery programme, fun sweatshirts or T-shirts with texts, stylish decorations, and as the icing on the cake an original photo collage as a gift.

These are the tips!

Bachelorette party programme

First, you decide whether it will be a full day, a bachelorette evening, or a fancy brunch. Agree on the activities with all the guests (except the bachelorette of course, because it has to be a surprise): oyster tasting, a sauna visit, a private yoga lesson, kidnapping the bachelorette and taking her on a day trip to a neighbouring country, etc.

Bachelorette party programme on forexWrite out this programme, try to add the correct timing and turn the activities into mysterious descriptions. Then make a solid poster of a large photograph of the group of friends, sisters, cousins, etc. who will be at the party. Underneath, write down the mystery programme to make the bride-to-be curious. Carry this sign around with you throughout the day (even in the sauna!) 🙂

*Tip: Use the design page to “Create your own Solid Poster” so you can easily add text fields, photo fields, and symbols wherever you want.

Bachelorette outfits

No bachelorette party is complete without personalised outfits. In summer these can be T-shirts, in winter you go for sweatshirts.

For example one idea is for everyone to wear T-shirts or sweatshirts with the text Bride-to-be with an arrow to the left or right*. Make sure that all day or evening everybody walks as much as possible to the corresponding side of the bachelorette so that the arrows point to her. And, of course, take some photographs of this funny arrangement. 🙂

Bachelorette T-Shirts

You can also have different sweatshirts or T-shirts for each programme activity. Omit the times and let the person who is wearing that activity’s garment announce that activity.

Another idea for bachelorette party outfits is for everyone to write a short text on their sweatshirt or T-shirt with a funny anecdote about the bride-to-be, a song text or poem of which you both have good memories or a quote that is appropriate for the bachelorette.

*Download the arrows here:

Decorations for the bachelorette night

If you organise a bachelorette night at somebody’s house or a location that you can decorate yourself, then these are a few ideas:

  • Create a banner with origami hearts with photographs of the couple. Read how to do this in this post.
  • Of course, personalised bottles of champagne are a must: design a bottle label or bottle tags with the same group photo that you used on the programme board.
    Bottle label for bachelorette party
  • Add glitter and glamour to the party by making ice cubes with glitters or mini-hearts beforehand and put the bottles of champagne or wine in a transparent bucket with these cool ice cubes.
    * Attention: you can’t use a personalised bottle label with this idea, because the label is not water-resistant.
  • Put together candy bags with personalised sweets such as hearts or M&M’s with the names of the future couple.
  • Make up a large bowl with red fruits and use heart-shaped cutters to cut out pieces of watermelon and strawberries.
    Red fruit heart shaped

Photo cards for the bachelorette

Photo card with balloon for the bachelorette

Everyone blows up a balloon and writes a personal wish with a marker on it or makes a beautiful drawing for the bride-to-be. Then deflate the balloons: This will give you a fine and detailed text or drawing. Leave them for a few hours until the ink is fully dry and then staple them to a photo card with your wishes and photographs of you.

Bachelorette activities

Professional photo shoot

Bachelorettes photo shoot

A professional photo shoot is a bachelorette party idea that is a must for your programme. Make it something more beautiful than a typical snapshot: Choose a theme together, take the right (dress-up) outfits for this theme, and make sure you also bring a nice outfit for the bachelorette. Make sure that the photographer knows their business so that you get a professional result that you can have printed on canvas as a gift for the bachelorette.

  • Ideas for themes:
  • Great Gatsby
  • Eighties with sporty, fluo outfits
  • Cool chicks with glitter and leather
  • Picnic in the green wearing jumpsuits

Face in the hole 🙂

Face in hole posterFace in hole poster

If you still want to have a bachelorette assignment involving people on the street, do the following: find a photograph of the couple-to-be in which they both look directly into the lens*. Print this photograph in full size on a poster and cut a hole in the poster where the faces are. Each woman will now pick a handsome man on the street with whom the future bride will form a couple for a moment by letting him put his face through the hole.

Attention: Check the dimensions of the poster and make sure that the dimensions of the face are realistic!

* You can also use a film poster, a photograph of a famous painting, or make your own large drawing. Or google “Face in the hole” for other ideas.

Bachelorette party quiz

Bachelorette quiz cards

A fun bachelorette party activity during the aperitifs is a short quiz to test how well the bridesmaids know the bride. Make sure you ask questions that provoke funny answers, such as:

  • Who is the bride’s celebrity crush?
  • What does the bride think is her groom’s most annoying habit?
  • If the bride were to find a lot of money, what would she do with it?
  • How did the bride and groom meet?

Write the questions on photo cards* on which everyone writes their answers, and then present them to the bachelorette. A beautiful and humorous memory of the bachelorette party!

* You can “Create your own card” at the top of the design page so you can easily add text boxes, photographs and symbols.


Bachelorette gift canvasA bachelorette party is not complete if the bachelorette doesn’t wipe away some tears when she receives her gift. This is how you turn it into a beautiful keepsake: ask everyone who will be at the bachelorette party to take a photograph in advance. On this photograph they each hold large sheets of paper while standing in front of a beautiful wall (special colour, brick, concrete, etc.). Alternatively nominate a person who will take all the photographs so that they all have the same quality.

Let each person write a personal wish, quote, poem, or inside joke for the bride on the sheet with a thick marker. Or each person can show separate words that together form a sentence.

Then make a collage of these pictures around a large photograph of the couple, print it in large format (on canvas, solid poster, wood, or acrylic photo) and present it as a gift.

After this stylish bachelorette party, the bride-to-be will sparkle and the wedding celebrations are sure to go off with a bang!

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