7 tips – How to pamper your pet on International Pet Day  😻!

7 tips – How to pamper your pet on International Pet Day 😻!

Did you know that April 11th is International Pet Day?. The event was created to draw attention to all pets that lack a home, but it is also a day where we can take the opportunity to pamper our four-legged friends little more than usual. In this blog post, we have collected together 7 tips on how you can show a little extra love to your pet on April 11th.

Why is International Pets Day celebrated?

Pet Day was founded in 2006 when animal welfare worker Colleen Page decided that she wanted a special day to draw attention to the joy that a pet can give, but also to put the spotlight on all pets waiting for a home and an owner to love. The number of animals cared for today has decreased significantly over the years, but there is still a significant proportion of animals who are currently looking for a new home. Are you considering getting a pet? Why not see if there is one you can adopt from an animal shelter?

What day is International Pet Day?

International Pets Day is on April 11 and is not to be confused with World Animal Day, which falls on October 4 every year. If you want to read more about World animal day read more here. That means there are two days that we can pamper our pets. Of course we think that every day is a day to show extra appreciation to our fur babies!

1. A cozy place to sleep

international pet day

Spruce up your pet’s sleeping area! Make sure your cat or dog (or other pet) has a good place to sleep. Top the bed with a personal pillow so there’s no doubt who sleeps there!🐢.

2. Take a lovely long walk

As (most) of our pets know, long walks are the best. Spend the day pampering your dog with an extra-long lovely walk in your favorite park or forest. And what could be better than a new new nametag as a gift for International Pet Day!

3. Give them their favourite treat!

Is there anything your pet thinks is extra good? Take the opportunity to give your dog, cat or rabbit a real delicacy on International Pet Day! As the finishing touch, the food can be served in a brand new personal food bowl!

4. Show love with hugs and cuddles

Of course, all animals are different and some prefer to be petted and cuddled for hours while, for others, love and cuddling is more about fooling around with their mistress or master. Either way, the idea is the same – give love. Psst: Do you want a nice sweater like the one above? You can find it here.

5. Arrange a photo of your pet

Pets are fun to photograph, but it can be quite challenging. Book a day with a photographer who is used to photographing animals and make sure to immortalize your sweetheart as a painting. See all the possibilities to create wall decorations of your pictures of your pet here.

6. Decorate the dining area

Make it extra nice at the dining area for your dog or cat while protecting your floor from what is spilled. These plastic plavemats are very easy to dry and clean. It’s extra fun that you can put your pet’s picture or name on it.

7. Happy mother and master = happy pet

If the mother and master are well, the pet is also well. So why not treat yourself to something special for International Pet Day. For example, a personalised smartphone case with a picture of your pet or another personal photo product.

If you want more tips on personal products for your pet, don’t miss this page where we have gathered everything you need in one place. Or you could read this blog post.

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