🐶 8 fun gifts for your dog – that also make your life easier!

🐶 8 fun gifts for your dog – that also make your life easier!

Our dogs deserve the best gifts. That’s why we at Smartphoto are so happy to have a whole collection of fun gifts for them. Naturally, they can all be personalised and made unique witha picture of your four legged friend or their name. Both fun and practical!

1. A customised dog collar

gifts for dogs - per collor

A stylish dog collar with their name and your phone number. Perfect if you have a flighty pooch. The collars are available in two thicknesses: 2 cm for medium-sized dogs and 3 cm for larger dogs. There are several different designs to choose from, and you can find them all here.

2. A customised dog bowl

gifts for dogs - dog bowl

Our next tip is a sturdy, 100% white ceramic food bowl that any dog is sure to love. Choose from several different templates to create a bowl that suits you and your dog. Particularly handy if you have more than one dog and have trouble keeping track of whose bowl is whose! Find them here.

3. A handsome and unique bandana

gifts for dogs - bandana

Our dogs should feel extra classy; at least we think so at Smartphoto! Choose from several unique dog bandana designs and match to your pooch’s personality. A personalised bandana is an excellent gift for the dog that has everything!

4. Storage for food and treats

gifts for dogs - tin jar

These tin jars with wooden lids are perfect for keeping your dry food and dog treats safe. They come as a set of 2 jars of different sizes; the larger jar holds 1000 ml, while the smaller holds 350 ml. The price includes your dog’s name engraved on the lids. A great gift for your dog and you!

5. A Stylish and Practical Retractable Leash

gifts for dogs - leash

Walkies! – every dog’s favourite! Why not make it extra special for them with this stylish and unique retractable leash. Having your pooch’s name on the handle is a great idea, especially if you have more than one dog!

6. A convenient storage tin for trips

gifts for dogs - tin storage

This tin storage box with a photo on the lid is perfect for storing dog snacks on long trips. The lid closes tightly, and the box is strong, small, and portable.

7. A personalised dog nametag

gifts for dogs - name tag

Even the smallest pooch deserves a bit of glamour! A perfect gift for flighty dogs (or just ones with great style!). The front of the nametag has space for your contact details (address, phone number, etc.) and your dog’s name. That way, if you lose your friend, their finder can easily contact you!

8. A soft sleeping mat for your dog

gifts for dogs - sleeping mat

Our final tip for dog gifts is a soft sleeping mat that fits just as well in the car or kennel as on the floor at home. Choose from several different designs and add your own text. The printing is included in the price.

Bonus tips for dog-owners

Do you have a dog that you love more than anything? Let everyone around you know who the real love of your life is by, for example, printing their picture on your coffee mug or choosing one of our custom designs with a lovely quote about our beloved four-legged friends.

Even mum and dad deserve to be beautiful


Did you know that you can print your own shirts at Smartphoto? For example, you can print a lovely quote about how amazing it is to have a dog in your life.

Want to see more of Smartphoto’s gift suggestions for your dog?
You’ll find lots more tips on this page – stay tuned!

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