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Personalised Name Labels

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Label your clothes and belongings with our high-quality Marking Labels

Our personalised, high-quality name labels and iron-on labels identify your clothes and belongings so they'll never end up at the lost & found section again. They are also very easy to create, in just a few clicks. Choose from a variety of different designs, symbols, colours and fonts or simply add a photo, and make them uniquely yours. Pick a background colour and a text colour and adjust the symbol. Add your name or text and personalise all of your stickers and labels all at once. It's really that easy!
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In need of more personalised stickers?

Make your message stick with this wide range of stickers. Design your very own gift stickers (perfect for presents!), bottle labels, food labels and much, much more! With everything we have to offer, you'll have hard time deciding what not to put a sticker on.
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Cute and personalised presents for babies

Celebrate baby's birthday, christening, or naming with a personalised and cute gift. Choose something that’s both nice and useful, like a towel gift set or a new soft stuffed buddy that makes them feel warm and safe.
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Gifts to make kids happy!

Choose from creative and fun gadgets and toys that are perfect for kids of all ages and interests. Find a gift that’s both fun and useful. Give them a puzzle, card game, a cute stuffed animal, a personalised t-shirt with their name, or a sweater with their favourite animal! For children starting school, a pencil case to keep their pens safe, or a notebook to use in class.
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More information about our name labels and value packs

Labelling your kids’ belongings easily with our personalised name labels and name tags

Our range of labelling techniques include diverse options from stickers and stamps to iron-on labels and name tags. Each offers a unique way to insert your name and/or a photo, address and/or phone number, into your preferred design, infusing a personal flair into your items. Our name labels are perfect for everything from clothing and accessories to household linens and school essentials, and they easily endure regular wear and washes. Moreover, our customisable stamp lets you mark numerous clothes swiftly, remaining vibrant wash after wash. Start labelling and enjoy the blend of functionality and personality! Through our innovative labelling techniques, we aim to alleviate the stress of the back-to-school rush or when your kids leave for summer camp, so you have the time for what really matters.

Handy solution for slobs: our name labels and name tags

Make labelling super effortless with our assortment of name labels. We have something for everyone. Label your kids’ goodies like their lunchbox and pencil case with our sticky name labels or attach a name tag to their backpack, toiletry bag or drink bottle. Our name tag exists of durable material with full colour print on one side. Whilst our name labels come with a robust adhesive for easy application, ensuring they firmly stay in place. Did you know our team went for a matt finish for a modern look? Our labelling stickers are dishwasher and microwave safe and easily applicable. We’ve put together a set of stickers for labelling all your belongings, offered at an advantageous price for your convenience.

No more lost kids clothes with our iron-on labels and name stamp

For garments, our iron-on labels are an ideal solution to never lose anything anymore. Easily apply heat and iron the labels. Watch your custom label integrate flawlessly with the fabric. These iron-on labels are also available in sets for more value and comfort! You can also choose our name stamp as labelling method for clothes to mark your clothes quickly and easily. Did you know that this pocket-sized, self-inking name stamp ensures up to 900 crisp impressions? Which one of the labelling techniques do you choose?

More family, more value: benefit packages for more comfort at a favourable price

For your convenience we created value packs at an advantageous price, good for when you feel overwhelmed by the different labelling techniques we offer. Our team created next to a set with naming labels and a set with iron-on labels, four different sets with a mix of stickers, iron-on labels and name tags, depending on the purpose of the kit.

For example, when you’d like to start out labelling your kids’ belongings then our personalised marking labels starter pack offers a great starting point containing 48 small stickers, 24 large square stickers and 24 medium iron-on labels. This starter kit means no more mix-ups at the daycare or at work for the symbols and texts make your (kids) belongings easily identifiable. With this set you can say goodbye to losing items and clothes!

Secondly, our team created a daycare naming label set containing 48 small stickers, 24 large round stickers and 48 small iron-on labels. It's the perfect marking label set for when you have children going to the daycare. We’re aware that kids going to the daycare lose a lot of personal items. For this reason we want to offer a durable solution. Purchasing this set ensures you to save on stress, headaches and unnecessary expenses, and provides you with smiles.

A third option is our school naming label set for when you’re looking for a name labelling solution for school going kids. This school pack contains 48 small rectangular and 24 large round stickers, 24 medium-sized iron-on labels and one name tag. Label everything for school: pencils, lunchboxes, backpacks - whatever you need!

Last but not least, we offer you a camp or holiday labelling set perfect for when your kids go to summer camp or any other type of travel your family undertakes. This practical holiday naming label set consists of 24 medium stickers, 48 small iron-on labels and 24 medium iron-on labels. This set prevents mix-ups making sure you and your kids are returning home with all the belongings when the vacation is over. Say goodbye to belongings left in far away destinations and hello to well-organised trips!

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