DIY VIDEO How to make a photo Christmas tree decoration 🎄

DIY VIDEO How to make a photo Christmas tree decoration 🎄

It’s time to get Christmas crafting with us again! This time we’re making these adorable Christmas tree decorations with wooden blocks, some glue, and photos (of course). A super-simple DIY Christmas decoration that the whole family can help with. We also give you tips on how to create other easy to make Christmas decorations to have a tree full of memories 🎄. Watch the DIY video below or follow our step-by-step guide here in the blog.

What you’ll need:

Christmas tree decorations

What to do:

1. Cut out the Photos

To create this Christmas decoration, start by cutting out each individual picture from the photo strips. Use wooden blocks 45 × 45 × 45 mm in size, which is the perfect size for the photo strip pictures. However, you may need to cut a little from the image itself. It’s best to cut a little at a time for best results.

2. Glue the photos onto the wooden blocks

Christmas tree decorations

Now glue your pictures to the wooden block. Use a good multi-purpose glue. Remember to allow it to dry thoroughly before proceeding to the next step. Your Christmas decorations are starting to take shape!

3. Apply a coat of acrylic sealer

Christmas tree decorations

Now it’s time to apply a coat of acrylic sealer (like Mod Podge). This is so that your photo will be better attached to the wooden block and gives it a protective layer for a more durable Christmas decoration. Paint with a soft brush and let it dry for about two hours. It is white when you put it on but becomes transparent when it dries.

Christmas tree decorations

4. Screw in the screw eyes

Now attach the screw eyes so that your wooden block can be hung on the tree with the string. Screw eyes can usually be screwed in by hand, but it makes it easier if you put a screwdriver through the loop to get a better grip.

5. Tie the string through the loop

Christmas tree decorations

Finally, tie the string to the screw loop. We used a leather band for a rustic feel, but you can use any type of string as long as it can be tied without the knot slipping out. Then, just hang them up in the Christmas tree and wait for Santa to come!

Christmas tree decorations

Other ways to decorate the Christmas tree with your pictures!

Christmas tree decorations

Retro prints

Here are some more ideas for beautiful personal Christmas decorations. Develop your photos as retro prints. Make a hole in the photo with a hole punch. Then, tie a ribbon through the hole and hang it on your Christmas tree. A simple and stylish Christmas decoration!

Christmas tree decorations

Christmas photo baubles

Another good idea is to create a traditional Christmas bauble with a personal touch. Sold in sets of two with separate stickers of your selected photos.

Christmas tree decorations

Wooden Christmas tree decorations

And finally, this set of 4 wooden Christmas tree decorations. Choose either circles or hexagons. You can add your own text and photo to your Christmas tree decorations.

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Good luck with your crafting!

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