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A personalised apron to cook in style

The most fabulous apron is here and you wouldn’t want to miss it. Sauté, cook, bake and roast in style with this beautiful Coloured Apron with photo or embroidery and protect your clothes while you’re doing it. Our Apron beige - fair trade cotton is made of natural fair trade cotton and ethically responsible. our other aprons are OEKO-TEX certified, sustainable and safe to use around the kitchen. Who’s hungry?!
  • Choose between various designs and personalise with text and/or photo
  • Fairtrade beige cotton apron with the look and feel of linen
  • Protects your clothes from stains

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Beige natural

70 93 cm


68 79 cm


68 79 cm


72 81 cm

White - family

72 81 cm

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Fun ideas about our aprons:

Aprons to channel your inner masterchef

These versatile aprons are designed to protect your clothes whether you’re sweating in the kitchen or tending to your garden. Personalise your apron with a fun print or choose for an elegant finish with embroidery. A reflection of your personality or a special gift for a loved one. Find the apron that’s ideal to suit both your hobbies and personal style here.
In need of more accessories or protection in the kitchen? Our oven gloves and pot coasters will shield you and your table from the heat of your pans. Add some extra flavour to your dishes with a personalised pepper and salt mill. Or write all your best recipes down in a customised recipe book.

Aprons for gardening

Our aprons are not only handy in the kitchen! While working in the garden, aprons can protect your clothes against dirt and keep you clean as you plant, weed, or harvest. The handy pocket on the beige apron easily carries your gardening tools, seeds, or even your phone as you work. The right apron makes gardening more organised and enjoyable ensuring that you stay neat throughout your gardening session. If you spend quite some time outdoors, take a look at our flower pots to plant your favourite flowers. Brighten up your garden with an outdoor banner. Don’t forget to wipe your shoes on the personalised door mat when you’re going back inside!

Aprons for children

All parents know that things can get messy with children around. Protect the apple of your eye with a fun personalised apron, an exciting gift for little ones to help explore their hobbies. Let your child sculpt, whisk, colour and paint all while keeping their clothes clean. Personalise with their favourite colours, motifs, photos or choose to add their name with embroidery for a stylish look.Our aprons have long loops at the waist which accommodate your child’s growth and ensure a comfortable fit. Making it an item to cherish for a long time! But that’s not all! Take a look at our sweaters for children and t-shirts for kids for more exciting gifts to cherish.

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