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Do you want a coloured cover with a photo on the front or an album in imitation leather? Do you want to insert text between the images? How big do you want the pictures to be? The options are almost endless and smartphoto can help you realise your visions!

Here at smartphoto, you can design your own photo books, inside and out, and vary the size, cover, image size, bindings, text additions and decorative details to make the results completely consistent with your preferences. Create landscape, portrait or square photo books. Choose between soft and hard covers or spiral bindings depending on how exclusive you want your photo book to feel. Even the paper inside your photo book can be varied; matte premium paper gives a glare-free view while high-glossy photo pages give a more book-like feel. By creating a photo book at smartphoto, not only does the book's content become personalised, but even the design will be too. .

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