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Paper placemats with colouring page on the back
Paper placemats with colouring page on the back
Paper placemats with colouring page on the back
Paper placemats with colouring page on the back

A set of paper placemats for your event

Decorate your table with a personalised set of paper placemats and brighten up the party. You can choose the photo you want for your placemats and replace them for every occasion.
  • Set of 24 paper placemats with colouring page on the back
  • White borders
  • High quality paper 100 g
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Personalised placemats at your child’s birthday party

When you’re organising a birthday party for your kids, it’s always a good idea to decorate the table with placemats. They provide a clean dining space for the children to eat on while you’re reducing the likelihood of spills and messes. What benefits for when it’s time to clean up, resulting in a quick and hassle-free removal of any food spills or crumbs.
Now imagine combining that practicality with fun by customising your paper placemats. Personalise with your child's name, age or their favourite tv-characters and add a fun and festive touch to the party decor. Level it up with placemats with a colouring page printed on the back, keeping the kids engaged on slow moments during the party. Want to get inspired for your children’s birthday party? Take a look at our children’s birthday party page and find everything you need for organising a marvellous party!

Personalised table decorations

An inviting Christmas table, a parade of shimmering tables at a wedding or fun and colourful kids table at a party. In life we find ourselves setting up and decorating different tables at different occasions. Though the setting may differ, the essentials are mostly the same. Plates, cutlery, napkins, they’re always there. Upgrade your setup with decorating your table with personalised decor. A set of paper placemats to keep everything tidy and neat, some coasters to avoid staining and maybe party flags or napkin rings to create a celebratory vibe. The one thing that is essential to most party’s serving food are the menu cards. A great way of making your guests look forward to what's to come, check out our wide range of personalised menu cards
But not only do the tables at an event benefit from decor, your dinner table at home also deserves the love of personalised decorations. Enjoy breakfast with a personalised cereal bowl and mug, have everyone have their own designated plexi placemat or get some refreshment from engraved glasses. You can even personalise your own pepper and salt mill or bottle opener. No matter if it’s for an event or just for your dinner table at home, we have many decorations to brighten up a table.

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