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Name Tag

Create a Name Tag
Create a Name Tag
Create a Name Tag
Create a Name Tag
  • Aluminum name tag with a glossy finish
  • Photo on the front
  • Metal hook needs to be clasped together with pliers
  • Product dimensions: 3.8 cm (height) x 3.2 cm (width)

No more lost and found

Use a sturdy Personalised Name Tag to label all of your bags. Your schoolbag, make-up bag, travel bag, backpack; or your zippered sweaters, jacket and trousers ... Label them with these Name Tags and they will never end up in the lost and found again. At school it is the perfect way to distinguish your kid's stuff from all the others. The front of this Name tag has room to put your name and some contact information (address, telephone number ... ). In case your belongings go missing, you can easily be contacted.


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