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Business Cards

Make Business Cards
Make Business Cards
Make Business Cards
Make Business Cards
Make Business Cards
Make Business Cards
Make Business Cards
Make Business Cards
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What makes a good business card?

One of the best tools for making new contacts is to bring a unique visiting card that reminds your new contact as to why they should contact you and not someone else. There are a few things to keep in mind when designing your own visiting cards for the card to be able to fulfil its purpose and be memorable long after the meeting has taken place.

Your visiting card should always be updated with relevant and accurate information. If your business card has an incorrect phone number, it may give your contact a negative impression of you, as it shows that you are not particularly careful about details, and they may ultimately choose to hire someone else. Therefore, be sure to proofread the cards before placing your order.

At smartphoto, you can print business cards with a picture, and the picture plays a big role when it comes to reminding your new contact about who it was that they had that wonderful conversation with. After a trade fair where their pockets have become filled with different business and visiting cards from different people, the picture may be the determining factor of why they contact you or not. There is also an advantage if the image can be linked to the industry in which you work, for example, that the picture represents a portrait with you and a horse if you work in the racing industry, because it will also be a reminder of the service you offer. Another way to remind your new contact about why the person should contact you is to have a slogan on the card, which makes it more inviting.



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