Canvas Photo Gallery

Can’t choose? Don’t choose!

It’s time to finish off your home with a feature-wall, but you can’t choose if you want to put up one canvas or two or three or ... canvases? Why not put up multiple canvases with a personalised Canvas Photo Gallery ... These gorgeous compositions are the best solution for people who want to express their personality and lifestyle in a sleek way. Designing your own wall photo gallery is now super quick and easy!

Need extra instructions to hang up your canvasses? Download them here.



3 Panel Triptych
98.00 x 80.00
4 Panel Square
84.00 x 84.00
4 Panel Mix Canvas
104.00 x 74.00
5 Panel Wave
156.00 x 60.00
7 Panel Cloud
128.00 x 113.00
Width x Height in cm


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Shipment price: £8.99